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Colin Construction

Founder's Note

When I started in the construction business forty years ago, a handshake was the only contract you needed. You knew that a person's reputation was built on their word, and that was enough.

In 1967, when I founded Colin Construction, I decided that was the way I would conduct my business. It was, and still is, important to me that we are available to our clients at all times. While the industry has gotten colder and more complex over the years, our clients have continued to enjoy Colin's personal involvement and the painstaking attention to detail that make for top-quality construction, and more importantly, client satisfaction.

I don't believe in piles of paperwork and thousand- page contracts. I believe in an honest day's work and pride in craftsmanship. My philosophy is simple: If you are paying for something, you deserve to get what you pay for. At Colin, we do our best to deliver that and more.

Since Colin is family-owned and run, every member of my staff, including field and personnel, knows my interest in Colin Construction has never been financial. I'm not looking for quick, easy money at the expense of quality and the client's trust. I'm investing in the continued success of something I believe in. To me, that translates into us giving the best service and value we possibly can, so that our clients will not only be satisfied, but will have confidence in us for every project. We at Colin are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality interior construction work at the fairest price, and we stand behind every job we undertake.

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