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A Colin handshake means Colin service. From the client's first meeting with us to the completion of the project, he or she will experience Colin's brand of attentive service. Right from the beginning, Colin researches all project plans thoroughly, considering any elements that might affect construction decisions. At this stage we work closely with the architect or designer so that we can anticipate and avoid costly snags while translating client's needs into reality.

Throughout the project, the client sees the same faces; the faces of people who know the job and are familiar with his or her special needs. The project manager, superintendent and estimator will always be available to address any concerns and answer any questions the client or architect may have. Depending upon the size of the project, we may maintain an on-site field office where we will keep all project plans, blueprints and schedules for access. Either way, Colin's home office will maintain communications among all project team members.

At Colin, service means value. Colin's estimator will offer construction options to ensure that the client gets the best value for their money, as well as the quality they expect. Furthermore, as the job progresses, he will be available to reevaluate pricing, thus assuring maximum cost efficiency.

A relationship with us starts with a promise: We will construct an ideal with the client's desires and interests as our number one priority and Colin's service makes the difference.


When the decision is made to renovate a floor or reconstruct the interior of a building, there are many questions to be answered: How long will it take? How much money will it cost? When can we get started? You're ready to go, and you want answers. Quickly

With Colin as an integral part of the construction team, the client and the architect not only get answers, they get commitment. They can focus on the end result, knowing that we'll take care of the details that add up to a quality construction job. The project manager and superintendent for the job will meet both the client and the architect at the start of the project, and any time thereafter, because they are 100% committed to the project. They will set up a realistic schedule, and work to ensure that all parties adhere to it. They are available to troubleshoot in the event that problems arise, and together with the architect and/or the engineer, if necessary, they will analyze the situation and provide solutions that will keep the job on schedule. This is all part of our commitment to service and timeliness. 

A company can't last 55 years in the construction  industry without commitment to quality, service and ideals. We know that a client will remain a client only as long as they are satisfied with out work. At Colin, we believe that future success is only assured through commitment to excellence in the present.


At Colin, we construct an ideal. the client's needs, the architect's vision and our know-how combine to create an exciting reality, one that fulfills every expectation, and does within budget.

By getting Colin's team members involved at the initial stages of the project, both  client and architect can take advantage of experience garnered from years of successful project management. Colin's value engineering and estimating procedures provide the most practical and cost-effective means to achieve the desired result. Answers to difficult questions are no further than the Colin project manager or superintendent, both of whom are committed 100% st the job at hand.

Top-botch quality is always a priority with Colin Construction, because we take pride in every project we handle. Quality workmanship is something Colin believes i, because we understand that our clients must spend most of their time in their newly constructed environment. For a job to be a success, satisfaction must remain from move-in to years down the road.

Not only do we pay close attention to the materials we se, but we apply the same high standards to the subcontractors we employ. Our expectations are high: we want experienced professionals who will be loyal to Colin and to the client. People who care as much as we do about quality and a job well done.

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